5 Reasons Tech Pros Love Milwaukee: A City that Has It All

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than by highlighting a city that has captured the hearts of tech professionals? Milwaukee, often called the “Third Coast,” is not just another city. It’s a growing tech hub offering more than a promising career path. From its affordable cost of living to its vibrant community, supportive ecosystem for innovation, and rich culture, Milwaukee is a city that knows how to blend work with pleasure, making it an irresistible choice to live and work. Here are five reasons tech pros are falling head over heels for Milwaukee.


Growing Tech Hub & Ecosystem for Innovation

Milwaukee is on the rise as a prominent tech hub, outpacing cities like Portland, Austin, Kansas City, and Minneapolis with a significant concentration of tech workers—approximately 70 out of every 1,000 working adults, according to the  BizTimes. Ranked #16 in the nation by Forbes as a top city for young and tech professionals, Milwaukee’s tech scene thrives on initiatives such as Milwaukee Tech Month and the Milky Way Tech Hub, which aims to support tech professionals of color. This dedication to growth is coupled with a rich ecosystem of coworking spaces, accelerators, and incubators, fostering an environment ripe for innovation. The city’s commitment extends beyond business development, offering tech professionals ample mentorship, learning, and collaboration opportunities. It makes Milwaukee a dynamic hub for those seeking to advance their tech careers within a supportive and innovative community.


Affordable Cost of Living

In today’s world, finding a city with a good pay scale and an affordable cost of living can be challenging. Milwaukee stands out as one of the best metro areas in the nation to build your career without breaking the bank. This financial viability allows tech professionals to enjoy a higher quality of life, invest in their passions, and comfortably plan for the future, making it an attractive option for those looking to make the most of their earnings. Milwaukee has a BestPlaces Cost of Living score of 88, which means the total cost of housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, taxes, and other necessities is 12% lower than the U.S. average.


Community and Midwest Hospitality

Milwaukee exemplifies the “Midwest Nice” hospitality, offering a big-city experience with a small-town feel. This strong sense of community is noticeable as you walk down Milwaukee streets, greeted by friendly faces, adorable dogs, and welcoming small businesses. It’s a city where connections are easily made, and support is readily available, creating an environment where tech professionals can thrive in their careers and personal lives.


Quality of Life and Culture

Beyond work, Milwaukee offers an unparalleled quality of life and culture. Known as the “City of Festivals,” it hosts the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, and numerous other events celebrating the city’s diverse heritage and vibrant community. With its picturesque location on Lake Michigan, residents enjoy beautiful lake views, fresh seafood, and a wealth of water activities. The city’s commitment to outdoor living is evident, with beaches, parks, and recreational activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and beach volleyball, ensuring time is thoroughly enjoyed outdoors.


Good Eats, Local Brews, and Brew City’s Legacy

No tribute to Milwaukee would be complete without mentioning its legendary food and brew scene. From national award-winning restaurants to cozy food halls like the Milwaukee Public Market, Crossroads Collective, and 3rd St. Market Hall, the city is a haven for foodies and beer enthusiasts. Milwaukee’s brewing heritage is a point of pride, with countless breweries and pubs offering tours, tastings, and a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy a cold beer or a famous Bloody Mary complete with a beer chaser, embodying the city’s love for good food, great drinks, and even better company.


The ‘Perfect Match’ for Tech Talent and Personal Growth

Milwaukee, with its unique blend of a growing tech scene, affordable living, warm community, rich culture, and supportive ecosystem, is quickly becoming a beloved home for tech professionals. This Valentine’s Day, as we celebrate love in all its forms, Milwaukee stands out as a city that not only supports professional aspirations but also nurtures personal growth and happiness. It’s a city where you can truly have it all, making it easy to see why tech pros love Milwaukee.